“ The success of a proper barehoof trim is not just about knowing what to take off, but more importantly, it’s knowing what to leave on.

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Meet GoodHoof, our Satisfaction Guaranteed hoof care product.  An external disinfectant that is simply the best symptom reliever of external conditions we have ever used on the equine market.  We have tested as many products on the market as we could find, and nothing, nothing, works faster or better than GoodHoof.  Extremely effective for such problems as persistent thrush of the frog and its central sulcus and lateral grooves, thinning dimpled soles, WLD, Shelly foot and seedy toe, all the common lingering ailments.  These problems do not stand a chance when used with a hoof professional, to assist in removing loose material and necrotic tissue.  You owe it to your horse to finally, once and for all, get rid of the problem.

Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back if you not do see positive results within 30 days.  Click here for more details

It never stops amazing me!  I am so happy I can recommend GoodHoof to my customers and to the customers of my students and graduates, with complete

and total confidence.

Dan Guerrera

Contact me personally if you have any questions.

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