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The Short Story

Our  School

Each of our schools are located on beautiful private horse properties. We will study together cook together, working on horses together, and your accommodation is on site. Our settings are very relaxed.  Occasionally, horse needs alter our day. A horse in need comes first. This may cause us to have evening sessions. This is nice because we can talk about other case studies I have in my media library. And because of the variety of our days, I encourage everybody to stay on campus Though our dates are scheduled, together we can be flexible.



We always have theory in morning. You'll have given a session planner, a listing of topics in media that will studied throughout our session days. We are most flexible here because it all depends on the needs of the horse, but we'll never miss a topic.

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Most often we start this in the afternoon.  And we will carry on and help each other until the horses of the day are done. We will see plenty of demonstration.  And when the serious cases come, I'll be there right next to you, helping you along the way.



Each location is unique.  Everybody brings their own bedding because that's always the most comfortable. 

Your space  will always be waiting for you for when you need it. And, the kitchen is open all day.

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