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School is full for thiw season

Session 1 May 22-26

Session 2 June 27-30

Session 3 Sept. 5-8

Session  4 Nov 7-10 Midterm

Session 5 Jan 23-26 

Session 6 March 20-23

Session 7 May 7-11 Final Exam


All prices include accomodation


Early Bird


Paid in full before start of school


Payment Plan


3 payments paid before session 3.

You have a passion


It is that passion I want in this school.

You will be among the same.

 I will raise that passion, to your highest degree.

Working with the mind, body and hoof of the horse.

A hoof trimming school this is, but it is far far more.

Expect in-depth study of:

  • Anatomy and X-ray reading

  • Confirmation, posture and balance

  • Barehoof Strategy trimming

  • Internal and external pathology

  • Learn veterinarian terminology

  • TLC method: Body tension release

  • Horse handling - Hoofmanship

  • Session 1 hands on horses & hooves

  • On campus accommodation

  • Flexible session dates

  • 30 amazing days over 1 year

For deeper details, click here.

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